I open a book by candlelight…

M idripai invites You to enjoy stories, either by listening or reading, but still mainly in Estonian. Amongst these one can find translations (A prayer-hymn by Anandamayi Maa; Lessons of Divine Life by Sathya Sai Baba). In some, real-life material has been supplemented with fiction, and some characters are added (Issa stories). But there are also stories that have not taken place in real life in this form almost at all (Stories about the children of Männi Home).

Screen reader users have also been taken into account: the accessibility shortcut in the main menu takes the cursor to the page content. Pages with audio players use players that can also be manipulated using keys. Instructions can be found there.
If there are any problems when playing the sound, you can get help from the Sound-doctor page.

See you on the pages of the website!

~ Midripai